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A fundraiser in benefit of The National Museum of African American Music

In the gentle twilight of the eve, a gathering of esteemed persons is hereby announced! 

Lend thine ear to the town crier's call, echoing both without and within the esteemed chambers. For the joy and entertainment of all attendees, an immersive 360 Picture Booth shall capture moments in time, ensuring memories are cherished for generations to come. A visual feast awaits, creating an experience to be shared and cherished.

In the bustling hubbub of this splendid affair, vendors shall find a place to showcase their wares, offering a diverse array of treasures to peruse and purchase. From trinkets to keepsakes, the bazaar shall add to the allure of the event.

As attendees step forth upon the noble grounds, a backdrop adorned with the regal insignia beckons. Photographers shall be poised, ready to immortalize the splendid moments of merriment and camaraderie. A procession through this majestic archway becomes an opportunity to leave one's mark upon the visual tapestry of the Empire Ball.

Behold the musical presentation - a quartet of strings and a violinist of hip-hop persuasion, bedecked in brilliance with both stage illumination and melodious tones.

The attendants, attired in somber black with wigs of snowy hue, shall render service with elegance, be they servers, waitstaff, or bartenders. The feast shall be presented upon tables or graciously proffered. Alas, seating is a precious resource, consisting of lofty tables for libations and petite rounds, reserved for no more than a hundred.

Witness the elevated realm of the Queens seating, adorned with a love seat or an august chair. A veil of black pipe and drape, bathed in uplifting light, shall cascade over the glass wall. A toast of effervescent champagne shall be raised in homage to the queen, while a cash bar awaits the parched patrons. Behold, an exhibition of ballroom dance shall unfurl, leading to a spirited revelry upon the dance floor.

Furthermore, a promenade beckons, with the queen as your guide through the venerable halls of the museum. An introduction to the illustrious Queen Charlotte shall be conveyed through the marvel of moving pictures, imparting a touch of modernity to this splendid gathering of antiquity.

Pray the conundrum of parking shall be deftly handled with options of valet or nearby parking with noble horse and carriage conveyance to the esteem gathering, however, an additional levy of funds shall be required.

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